Day 1 2019 Parrot Tour of Australia

9 keen parrot lovers from all across the United States and Canada joined us on April 23 for our 2019 Parrot Tour of Australia!

Blog Content & all photos (unless indicated otherwise) by Tour Leader Don Kimball

One of the first encounters with wild parrots occurred right at our motel! Big bold Sulphur-crested Cockatoos announced their presence with in your face loud cries as they flew over in flocks and perched in trees within walking distance. One of our tour participants was so excited he said “Okay I can go home now!” My dreams of seeing Cockatoos in the wild have already happened!”

April 24 – Wednesday and our first day! We explored La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary which allowed more up close and personal views of Sulphur-crests and fantastic views of our first Long-billed Corellas. A short stroll and the parrots just kept coming! Musk Lorikeets fed in flocks a few meters over our heads while Rainbow Lorikeets joined them to feed on a host of nectar laden blossoms.

Musk Lorkeet

(c) Keith & Judy Humphreys Rainbow Lorikeet

As the morning progressed we encountered gorgeous Eastern Rosellas feeding in the trees and our very first Red-rumped Parrots. It was so rewarding to see the participants lighting up like kids at Christmas with each parrot species we encountered!

Red-rumped Parrot

Eastern Rosella (wikipedia)

After lunch it was off to the Western Treatment Plant not far from Geelong to search for elusive Blue-winged Parrots. We searched the best places to see them feeding on Marsh plants but alas no luck on the elusive little parrot. We did see beautiful views of Port Philip Bay and no end to amazing water birds like this Brolga, a huge crane like species.

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